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My Medical Bill Discount

With nearly three decades of expertise serving the healthcare industry’s revenue cycle and accounts receivable needs, and a thorough knowledge of collections, United MediCorp will work with you to recover monies owed from unpaid medical bills. My Medical Bill Discount is the proven recovery platform that can dramatically improve performance on your most challenging receivables.

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With traditional collection methods, you can pay up to 55% to recover money owed for charged-off receivables. My Medical Bill Discount features simple transaction-based pricing, so it costs you far less, to recover much more, while creating goodwill.

The program begins with a simple letter that invites your patient to register for substantial savings on their account, if they pay in a timely fashion. After selecting their invoices to pay online, a predetermined discount is disclosed, which has proven to be a powerful incentive to resolve outstanding account balances.

My Medical Bill Discount provides many advantages for you and your patients:

  • Confidential, secure and easy to use
  • Automated process minimizes staff interaction and patient complaints, while creating goodwill
  • Eliminates the labor-intensive burden of phone calls and letters
  • Saves money and time, when compared to traditional collection methods
  • No intrusive phone calls, no threatening legal language—just a simple request offering your patients a private and straightforward way to resolve their unpaid account
  • Requires no upfront costs or training, and minimal resources
  • Features cost saving transaction-based pricing

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