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Strong patient relationships are the foundation of any growing healthcare provider.
Don’t let managing your accounts receivable put a strain on yours. Consider the
PayStream™ cloud-based solution from United MediCorp.

Pay Less and Recover More

How much do you pay to recover uncollected revenues? PayStream™ clients save up to 50% on the average cost per account, when compared to traditional methods. What’s more, the PayStream™ cloud-based solution requires only minimal internal resources to manage collections effectively.

PayStream™ is the simple-to-use, cloud-based solution that can increase revenues, reduce costs and accelerate cash flow in your practice, clinic, or hospital, by empowering patients to pay their outstanding medical bills online from their computer, tablet or smart phone. Plus, your staff can say goodbye to making those embarrassing phone calls, as you focus everyone’s attention on building better patient relationships.

Access the Advantages of PayStream

Empower your patients to pay their bills anytime from anywhere

Eliminate embarrassing
phone calls

Significantly decrease the
cost of collections

Enhance patient

Increase revenues and
accelerate cash flow

From UMC, your trusted
service provider

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