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PreCollection Program

Make collections more comfortable in your practice. Now you can increase revenue, cash flow and productivity with the PreCollection Program from United MediCorp. It’s the proven, cost-effective way to manage slightly past due receivables.

The PreCollection Program lets you and your staff stay focused on providing better patient care, while strengthening your relationships and avoiding awkward communications with your patients.

Easy on You and Your Patients

The PreCollection Program is designed to protect your patient relationships. It consists of one patient-friendly courtesy letter and up to two contacts – telephone call, email, or text – with instructions to call your practice regarding an important business matter. It’s the simple, economical and time-tested approach to managing accounts receivable.

Contact United MediCorp today for more information about the PreCollection Program, as well as the other cloud-based, mobile apps and traditional revenue cycle management and accounts receivable solutions designed to increase revenues and lower costs in your practice.

PreCollection Program Benefits

Provide more comfortable

patient relationships

Increase revenues,
cash flow and productivity

Requires no internal
resources or training

patient complaints

From UMC, your trusted
service provider

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